1: What is YDEX?

YDEX is the first decentralized exchange that unlocks the full potential of DeFi with Liquidity Mining, DeFi Token Offering, and super fast orderbook based DEX.

2: What's the use case of YDEX token?

YDEX is a utility token, YDEX is required to participate in defi token offerings. 70% of the revenue will be used to buy back and burn tokens every month. YDEX token holders can also govern the YDEX changes

3: When is the presale?

Presale date will be announced this week.

4: What are the token metrics?

Presale : Will be conducted on bounce.finance

Total supply - 24600 presale -12600 marketing - 4000 rewards - 4000 locked for 1 year team - 2000 locked for 5 years uniswap - 2000

Initial circulating supply : 18600

Hardcap = 900 ETH Softcap = 600 ETH uniswap liquidity = 250 ETH